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Space Optimisation Ideas For Small Bedrooms


It is quite easy to be lost on ideas when you have to furnish a small room with restricted space, but in every room of your house there are always simple ways to maximise the space you are getting out of it. You can for example maximise storage on walls by removing furniture units from the floors place on shelving. You can also make the most of storage boxes by placing them under large furniture.

small bedrooms

  However when it comes to optimising space for small bedrooms, the bed isn’t always the easiest piece of furniture to work around…  A satisfying idea would be to reduce the size of your bed, but if you are going to change it anyway, you might as well go for a multifunctional bed designed to be two pieces of furniture in one. Here are 5 bed designs you should consider when looking for storage optimisation ideas for your small bedroom:

space optimisation ideas small bedrooms

Ottoman Bed
Ottoman beds are particularly appropriate for small bedrooms as they feature a large storage space in its base that can easily replace the cumbersome furniture unit you are using to store your bed sheets and blankets. The entire base of an ottoman bed is a dedicated storage space which can easily be accessed by lifting top half up of the bed.

Divan Bed
A divan bed is also a good choice for saving space in a small bedroom as it offers great storage solutions. The base of this bed isn’t a plain area as in an ottoman beds, but it is compartmentalised in a combination of drawers and sliding panels. This type of bed can usually contain up to four large side drawers or one single large end drawer. How to access your stored items? Simply pull them or slide them across et voilà!

Day Bed
A day bed won’t really allow you to save space, although you can still fit under-bed drawers, but I like this type of bed because they do a great job of adding a stylish look to any room and can turn your small bedroom into a living room in a flash. A day bed is generally designed with two side panels and one back panel which give the bed a sofa look. It can be used as both a bed and as seating units according to your preferences.

sofa bed

Sofa bed
A sofa bed is a great solution for smaller rooms as it can be used both as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night. They are not usually designed with storage units but they are still appropriate for space optimisation as you can turn the sofa into a bed by simply pulling the bed out from under the sofa when it’s time to sleep. This kind of configuration will allow you to deal with space restrictions and it is then up to you to add extra storage furniture in the room without worrying about shrinking the space during the day.

Murphy bed
Murphy beds are popular where floor space is limited. Also called wall beds, they could be the best answer to small spaces as the bed can be stored vertically against the wall or in a closet. The only downside of this is that it leaves the room quite bare, try using rugs to ensure that the living space doesn’t look too empty!

About our Guest Blogger:
Camille is a home furniture enthusiast and is happy to share her bedroom decorating ideas with the community of interior design lovers. Camille is writing on behalf of Wedo Beds, an online retailer specialising in beds and mattresses .