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Finding The Perfect Blinds For Your Bedroom


The window treatments you pick for your bedroom are arguably the most important in the home. They keep the early morning sun from your eyes and assist with a little bedroom privacy. They’re also the first you see when you wake and the last you look at before lights out. Getting them right is vital. It’s certainly a big decision.

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Don’t just buy pre-made blinds. There’s no guarantee that they’ll fit the window properly and may not even match the décor in your room. Opt for made-to-measure. They’re bespoke and will fit your individual window perfectly.

If you decide on venetians for example opt for a specialist online venetian blinds retailer. Picking a specialist you’ll be able to provide all your measurements to get the perfect blinds and they may even send an adviser out to help you make the right decision.

Picking the right blinds

There is no rule for what are the best blinds for your bedroom. It all depends on your individual preference. Fabric roman, roller or pleated blinds are a great option as they’re colourful and can fit in easily with the soft furnishings in the room. You can also have a blackout lining build into them to ensure you don’t get too much sun piercing through the material.

You don’t have to choose soft fabric blinds though. For a contemporary feel, venetian blinds are great. If you have a wooden floor, wooden venetians will match perfectly, whereas if you’re going minimal and modern metallic venetians are cool.

Colour scheme

If you’re opting for fabric blinds it’s important to think about the overall style of your bedroom. Obviously you want the blinds to match up with the other décor and soft furnishings, but you want to get the overall colour scheme right.

If for example your walls are filled with artwork the room can appear quite busy, so keep your colour scheme simple and natural. This means both blinds and bedding. If your walls are plain you can jazz things up a little with some bright colourful blinds and bedding.

Remember, it’s your bedroom. There are no rules on how you have to decorate or which blinds to choose. Just make sure you get made-to-measure then the rest is up to you.

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