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Television Design Solutions


Fitting your home entertainment system into a carefully designed living space can be a challenge. The traditional option of making the TV the centre of attention in a room doesn’t work for everyone. Ultimately a TV is designed for watching not as a decorative show piece and as such can be a bit of an eye sore. However, there are many ways you can still include a television in your homes design without ruining the ambience.

bedroom tv bed

tv bed

One option is to have a flip-down TV that is stored in the ceiling. At the press of a button the TV can be reviled or hidden. This ingenious creation ensures your room is not ruined by the presence of a television but you can still enjoy watching when it suits you. It is also possible to have a television that drops down, allowing for larger TVs to be hidden also.
A second great option that is well suited for the bedroom is a TV Bed. Coming in a variety of different styles a TV Bed allows you to keep your bedroom looking clean and clear as your TV will slide effortlessly back inside your bed once you are done watching television.
A third method of hiding your TV is to install a revolving cabinet. These clever devices allow you to hide your TV by simply spinning it around. Within moments you can be rid of an ugly TV and be looking at rows of books or artistic décor. Similarly, you can hide your TV behind artistic prints that scroll up and down revealing or hiding your television set. Fans of James Bond style villains will surely be keen on these two options.
Finally, you could try the more industrial option of installing tracks across the ceiling of your room allowing you to slide the television around the room and into a storage cupboard when you no longer want to see it. This option will give you a lot of control over the location of your TV and the angle at which it faces; however, you will be left with the tracking all over your ceiling, which may not fit with the overall décor of the room.
With a few design solutions to choose from, removing the presence of your TV from your living space when not in use couldn’t be easier. Simply implement one of the above suggestions and then you can focus on the rest of the rooms design.