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Fluffy Upholstered Collection


Paola Navone has designed a new upholstered collection to furnish this very special home. Inspired by the Italian word for cloud, its name is NUVOLA and it comprises a 165-cm armchair and two sofas measuring 220 and 260 cm. NUVOLA has soft, wittily fluffy contours, with high arms and deep seats.

upholstered collection living room furniture 

The sofas and armchair have a plywood and solid wood frame, varied-density polyurethane foam filling upholstered with quilting stuffed with goose down and Polyester Staple Fibre.  Both sofas and armchair have fully removable covers.
Delightfully versatile, NUVOLA changes look depending on its upholstery. Thick, elaborate fabrics enhance the fullness of its forms. Delicate cottons and linens adhere to its frames as though buoyed up by air. Fabrics in soft, powdery shades make NUVOLA a welcoming, familiar retreat. Silvery and fluorescent fabrics give NUVOLA a witty nudge towards the future.

paola navone upholstered collection

nuvola upholstered collection

navone upholstered collection

upholstered collection living room