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Why Should You Choose Real Wood Flooring Over Laminated?


This a question that pops up all the time with homeowners – should they go for laminate or real wood flooring? Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and one of the most obvious differences is cost. Laminate flooring is cheaper to buy, cheaper and easier to install and easier to maintain, however it just doesn’t beat the real thing in terms of quality. We are going to run through a few of the points for and against both, but it is real wood flooring that will really make your home feel extra special.

real wood flooring interior decor

The biggest reason people choose laminate over real wood is simple – it’s cheaper. It’s cheaper to buy and many come with an easy fit system, where the pieces simply click together. It also requires little maintenance, compared to a hardwood floor which will need 3-5 treatments over 25 years. It is more durable than real wood as well, having been specifically designed to be scratch and dent resistant, as well as hardwearing. Many manufacturers offer a 25 year guarantee which shows you how confident they are.

Laminates are more moisture resistant, which also means they stain less easily. This means that they can cope in places with high moisture and well not warp and bend. This is something that can have a huge effect on real wood, and can be devastating for the homeowner. Being stain resistant means that it will stay looking perfect for longer and means you can be a little more relaxed over any spillages. In addition to all of this, laminate floors come in an almost unlimited array of styles and colours, making it a good choice for many homes.

However, a laminate floor just doesn’t have the same quality feel that a real wood floor will give you. No manufactured alternative can match the beauty of real, natural wood, which is very important if you are going for a high quality finish. They will give it a feeling that can’t be matched by any laminate and so is a must for the décor enthusiast.

Although they can cost more initially, a real wood floor will add value to your home when you come to sell it, and so can be considered a good investment. If your home is worth a lot of money then don’t undermine it by opting for a cheap laminate floor! It is also more economical in the long run – once a laminate floor comes to the end of its life it must be replaced, whereas a real wood floor can be sanded and refinished. Ensure that you buy quality wood from a dealer who specializes in flooring supplies, as they will be able to advise you on what to go for.

Laminate floors can be spotted a mile off from their ‘hollow’ sound, so to really give your home that luxurious feel you should go for a real wood floor.

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