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Chiffon, As Light And Gauzy As Silk


As sumptuous and gauzy as silk, Chiffon is a modular stone cladding enhanced by a variety of different sized vertical folds which give the wall great movement and depth. The stone material processed in this manner reflects its universe of modelled patterns, of lights and shadows, creating a scene of rare elegance.via

lithos design chiffon interior

With Chiffon, and with all the models of the Drappi di Pietra collection, stone claddings take on unprecedented styling accuracy and technical proportions with a delicacy of lines, three-dimensional effects and a novel lightness.

Drappi di Pietra is an avant-garde design project because it makes it possible to create shapes similar to the natural undulations of fabrics from a block of marble, while minimising processing waste. The machine reads and translates the drapery, each cut producing the negative of a piece and the positive of the next: the result is a surprising cladding, a sequence of folds, waves and ripples with a great styling lightness and fluidity.

A special, in-depth study was dedicated to the application system too, to make it as simple as possible despite the ingenious composition of these cladding models; in addition, this method also enhances their already excellent thermal insulation properties.

The excellence of the Drappi di Pietra project is the new climax of a production story that enhances the expressive abilities of stone materials re-interpreted by Lithos Design, which reformulates their styling and formal appeal with a touch of the contemporary, with unrivalled sensitivity and skill.

chiffon modular stone cladding enhanced

lithos design chiffon