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Family Living


Family houses usually have plenty of storage space, but sometimes with three or more children something extra is needed. Hot in designer furniture trends this year is extroverted shelving with different sized sections suitable to hold different sized objects, such as the product below, called the Nevada Walnut Unit. Apart from open shelves, drawers could be added to this unit to hide unsightly documents or even toys etcetera.



Many families enjoy spending their evenings together playing games or in front of the television, and extra-large sofas provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to get that little bit closer. Corner sofas mean that not everyone is sitting in a straight line and that you make optimal use of available space. Ottomans designer couches are incredibly durable sofas where a lot of passion has gone into making sure the design is both aesthetic, comfortable and that the wearablity is worth the price.


This product is part of a range that includes 2 different sofas, called Easy I and Easy II, which uses one of the most environmentally friendly woods available, rubber wood, which is sourced from old plantation trees that are usually burnt when their supply of rubber is exhausted but in this way is again re-used.


Children can make a mess, which often makes having a carpet in your lounge far from ideal. A simple solution to this could be to have wooden flooring, so that it is much easier to clean and wipe up mess. A wooden floor can look really good with some beautiful colourful rug, such as the example below; a soft furnishing with manoeuvrability and comfort underfoot, without providing too large an area for the children to stain.