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What type of double bed would you prefer


Double beds can be divided in four categories: wooden, metal, leather and divan double beds. They are available in different sizes and a wide range of models.

double bed

Wooden Beds
Wooden beds are one of the most ornate types of beds available on the market. They come in a large variety of colours depending on the shade of the finish coat and the type of wood used in the making process. But as any wooden product, they can also be painted according to customer specifications.

Metal Beds
Metal beds are considered one of the traditional choices. Because they do not require much material to be used in the process, the bed appears slimmer and it blends better in the décor of the room. This type of bed is lighter so it can be easily moved around if necessary.
Moreover, metal can be painted in any colour a customer desires; this means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to colour options. This way, the bed can be easily integrated with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Leather Beds
This type of double bed is the most expensive one. If you are not on a tight budget, the stylish design of the leather bed will certainly make it the central point of your bedroom.

Divan Beds
This type of double bed is usually less expensive than the other categories. This is the most popular type for couples. It has a storage compartment underneath which comes in handy when you have less and less storage space for your stuff. Having a storing facility for different things makes the bed practical. This is the main reason why many people choose it.

Regardless of the type of material the bed is made of, it should be comfortable to ensure a pleasant sleep. Choosing a bed is considered a personal decision which is made according to each person’s desires visit bedstar.co.uk today if you are looking for a new bed.