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Designing a small bedroom


It can be hard to know how to design a bedroom when you are pushed for space. With this in mind, we’ve got some tips to make the most of a small space to create something visually pleasing and functional:


Colour is a very important consideration, and should be the first step in your design process. Simple colour schemes work better in smaller spaces, as they make the room look bigger. Lighter colours give the illusion of space, as does a lighter carpet.

Decide what furniture is absolutely essential for the room. Is it really necessary to have a chest of drawers as well as a wardrobe? Look for styles that multifunction – many wardrobe have inbuilt shelves that can take the place of drawers. Wooden storage beds also make great storage solutions as well as giving you the peace of mind that they will last for years.

Make sure that your furniture is arranged in the most space efficient way. Consider putting the bed in a corner rather than the middle of the room, to prevent empty space on either side.

With a little hard work and consideration, your small bedroom will soon be a cosy haven!

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