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Tulle, the sustainable lightness of stone claddings


At the 2012 International Furniture Show in Milan, Lithos Design presents a world preview of Tulle, an astounding modular stone cladding that is part of a broader and beguiling collection called Drappi di Pietra. via

drappi di pietra project

lithos design drappi di pietra project

The excellence of the Drappi di Pietra project emphasizes the company’s ability to achieve cutting-edge levels of innovation in the processing of stone materials; this results in claddings which afford a lightness and three-dimensional appeal typical of fabric drapery owing to a game of reflected light, chiaroscuro and shadow effects that give the product an aura of gauzy lightness. Tulle, and in general the entire Drappi di Pietra collection, was designed with a processing system that respects stone and minimizes processing waste. In addition, the ingenious articulation of the models required an in-depth and exhaustive study of their laying system. With Tulle, the natural stone cladding opens up to a novel delicacy of silhouettes and shapes, an unprecedented styling dimension that underlies technical skills unimaginable until now, drawn from Lithos Design’s past experience, first and foremost the recent project entitled Materia Litica. The Drappi di Pietra collection consists of six models, each featuring a carefully coined name taken from the world of fabrics to retain the consistency of these stone claddings with the characteristics of lightness and sinuosity of fabrics. Every model is a melting pot of pure texture, of optical and tactile sensations that exude from the pure material processed by Lithos Design. A manufacturing tale that emphasizes the expressive abilities of stone and which, year after year, becomes an astounding and respectful discovery of the enormous decorative potential of stone.