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The joy of a double bed


Having spent your childhood in a single bed, the moment you get a double bed is a small revelation for many of us. But do we really need all that space when we are sleeping on our own? For some, having a double bed is a necessity. If you are tall you need a larger bed in order to fit in it, be it diagonally, but, nonetheless, your feet are tucked up in a way they would not be in a single bed. But, if you are of a smaller build you may not need all that space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more floor space in your room?

double bed small revelation

Some would argue the point that your bedroom is for your bed and sleeping, therefore if your bed fills up most of the room this is not an issue. Others would say that a bedroom is a place of your own and you may want to work, read, watch films in your room as well, meaning you need space for such things. Depending which one you are, will define whether you want a single or a double bed. Having a double bed to sleep in is a joy. You can stretch out and have plenty of room, and you also have space for people to stay over, be it your partner or a friend who needs a bed for the night. Double beds also double up as a place to sit and watch films as you have plenty of room to lie down with your laptop.
Finally, you have more choice when it comes to buying a double bed. You have so many different styles and materials to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice! You can have double beds with headboards, double beds with storage underneath, double beds with a leather frame; the list is endless.

double bedroom modern interior

So, perhaps the double bed is the way to go, as it seems to tick plenty of positive boxes. But remember to measure your bedroom doorframe before you buy one, as you could discover that a double bed will never fit through it! Visit the online Bedstar shop today to view the fantastic collection of double beds.