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The Tastings Room by Studio SKLIM


‘The Tastings Room’ is a superior combination of French/Italian Bistro cuisine and a wine cellar in a single area.  The Tastings Room is located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District on Marina Square where the highly acclaimed hotel Marina Bay Sands.  The restaurant’s vision was to refresh people’s perception on the wine and food culture in Singapore, thus making it accessible and reasonably priced.  Studio SKLIM translates the restaurant’s vision and the overall spatial experience sandwiching the crafted black volumes between two layers of industrial aesthetics: exposed ceilings and the concrete screed floor, to juxtapose/merge chic and sophisticated divergent aesthetics all reasonably priced. via

industrial aesthetics bistro

wine cellar decor

industrial aesthetics bistro lighting

industrial aesthetics bistro interior

industrial aesthetics bistro interior lighting

industrial aesthetics bistro decor