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Family House Interior, Třemblat, Czech Republic


Located in a village near Prague, Czech Republic, the house sits in a suburban context, away from the big city. The 130m² detached house is home to a young family with a small child. Designed by bcSTUDIO, the house exhibits a contemporary approach with an open floor plan and large openings with panoramic views to the surrounding rural landscape. The large windows connect the interior of the house with its exterior, stimulating the feeling of being outdoors while in the house.

family house interior living area

The interior, designed by Barbara Čorejová of bcstudio responds to that contemporary exterior with a complementary interior solution. The kitchen, open and connected to the spacious living area is fairly minimal with clean lines, white and neutral colours and plastic materials. The living room is treated in the same way, with minimal furnishings as requested by the client. To soften and glam up the space, metallic wallpaper hangs behind the TV wall and a decorative chandelier above the oval dinning table were used. The intention was to keep the colours of the fixed furniture as neutral as possible so that the client could easily change the accessories without having to replace the main pieces. A dominant and elegant element between the two zones is a wooden stair made of dark oak timber and a glass railing.

family house interior1

family house interior kitchen

family house interior kitchen area

family house interior dining area

family house interior design

family house interior design1