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Luxury Villa Mayavee in Phucket


Architectural firm Tierra Design has designed the Villa Mayavee in Phuket, Thailand. Completed in 2009, the house has been conceived as a relaxing retreat for its owners with an emphasis on entertaining guests.

luxury villa mayavee phucket outdoor area

The design reflects a combination of containment and expanse and the threshold of the in-between. The four level ‘z’ shaped form of the building is sited in the middle of the site, creating distinct spatial experiences. The development estate’s granite cobbled terrace walls are extended to weave and form an arrival and podium for the residence. With the building elevated, a forecourt is created by the landscape, guest building and elevated living wing. The entry reflection pond shadowed by the living span above, forms a threshold between the forecourt and the expanse of the ocean beyond. Limestone clad walls, with their expressive horizontal jointing pay homage to the beauty and clarity of the sea’s horizon. Interpreting the traditional typology of the Thai residences; with separate pavilions but having a unity as a whole, the living wing (connected by a glass enclosed spiral staircase from the pond), is distinct from the complex. The linearity of the volume, the transparency of the glass enclosure, light stone interior and the kitchen islands reinforce this traditional attitude expressed with modern articulation.

luxury villa mayavee phucket pool area1

luxury villa mayavee phucket pool area2

luxury villa mayavee phucket pool area

luxury villa mayavee phucket pool

luxury villa mayavee phucket outdoor area1

luxury villa mayavee phucket bathroom

luxury villa mayavee phucket bedroom