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Wanderlust Hotel


The Wanderlust Hotel in Little India, Singapore features a collaboration of designers from Singapore studios including Asylum, phunk Studio and fFurious – together with architect firm DP Architects.  Each level is dedicated to the designs of each firm.  The Lobby is themed as Industrial Glam by Asylum – a juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design.  Level 2 is Eccentricity by phunk Studio and is designed with bright colors and neon lights on all the surfaces, including a rainbow corridor and mosaic tiled jacuzzi. Level 3 is Is it just Black and White by DP Architects which feature contrasting black and white painted spaces with origami and Pop-Art works on display.  Level 4 is Creature Comforts by fFurious where friendly monsters keep guests company in their rooms. via

contemporary design hotel loby interior

contemporary design hotel loby

contemporary design hotel interior bedrooms3

contemporary design hotel garden decor

contemporary design hotel interior bedrooms

contemporary design hotel interior bedrooms2

contemporary design hotel interior bedrooms1