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Relaxed and Beautiful Spaces


This new house is built on a tight urban site, perched on the edge of a cliff 100metres above the ocean. The wedge shaped block has a due north-south aspect with neighbouring buildings very close to the boundaries on the east west. Large fin walls divide the separate functions of entrance and circulation from the living areas and garden, providing privacy and structural support for the upper level bedroom wing. via

beautiful modern houseThe house has been designed to be thermally efficient, through the use of concrete floors and masonry walls at ground level to provide thermal mass. Hydronic under-floor heating is used throughout the living areas, to provide winter warmth. The dark floor tiles in the living area, absorb warmth and reduce glare from the ocean in the early morning. High-level louvres and ceiling fans are used to allow natural light and ventilation in all the rooms.

beautiful beach house

beautiful spaces outdoor area

relaxed beautiful spaces light interior

interior dining room beautiful spaces

interior bathroom