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New Café del Arco


This device consists of a row of vertical iroko wood strips over a galvanized and lacquered steel framework that provides rigidity and guarantees the right alignment of the strips. The reproduction of a complete unit on a 1:1 model was essential for the definite choice of the minimal strip section that gave  the Clavel Arquitectos required degree of transparency and privacy. To reinforce the idea of an interior outside, Clavel Arquitectos continued the lines from the urban pavement that crosses the Romea Theater Plaza. In this way, the project appropriates the urban space, bringing the city inside the project. The new Café del Arco captures a piece of the city. via

redesign café del arco decor bar

redesign café del arco

redesign café del arco textile decor

redesign café del arco dining area

redesign café del arco bath