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Stools Designed According to Principles of Improvisation


Warm and comfortable, this stool can serve as a carpet, tablecloth, sculpture, hiding place for messy objects, stool with different heights, etc. the user can find all sorts of configurations with this object by simply folding and rearranging the blanket: it will always look different.

chair textile

sculpture chair textile

red textyle stool

Exploring the versatility of furniture’s most basic item, the ‘adhocker’ collection by German designer Annika Frye presents three types of stools designed according to principles of improvisation. As she explains: ‘The stool is the most simple piece of furniture; it is often part of daily improvisation and makeshift constructions. still, a stool has to be made regarding rules of stability and use. Thus, I used the idea of a stool to explore the possibilities of improvisation as a method in the design process. I found three strategies: creating something by using ad hoc techinques as a starting point, during the production process of the object, or by developing an object that the user can improvise with.’ – Annika Frye

blanket stool improvisation

stool hiding place for messy objects stool