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Picking bedding


For many of us our bedroom is our haven, the place we can hide away from the stresses of the day and create a little peace and calm in our lives. It is also the place we go to sleep at night and as everyone knows a good night’s sleep can turn the world around for us. So, when it comes to picking bedding, the right kind has more of an impact than just complementing your colour scheme. So when picking out your next bedding set there are some important things to consider. Believe it or not lighting is crucial when picking out the colour scheme for your bedding, if your room has a lot of natural light you will be able to go for darker colours than if the lighting was mainly artificial. The colour and patterns you pick can have a huge impact upon your room, for example the ‘rich’ colours of pinks and purples can create a warm, inviting atmosphere whereas light blues and greens can help a room to appear airy and cool so these are perfect for smaller rooms.

bedding set patterns

Always remember the materials you pick can also affect the atmosphere, feel and final look of your room. As with all items in life buy the best you can afford as it will last longer. For most people the obvious choice is the classic cotton sheet, but there are other cottons worth considering. For a taste of luxury why not opt for the smooth Egyptian cotton sheet, or for an exceptionally soft and natural feel try organic cotton. If you want your bed to be the main focus of the room why not try cotton satin.

classic cotton bedding set

Whichever bedding you choose it’s important to remember that changing even the smallest detail can change your sanctuary and in turn can affect your sleep. So when picking out your next bedding set have a careful think about how you want the room to feel and how the bedding will fit in with it. Once you have done that you can start looking around for bedroom furniture and accessories. K&Co is a good place to start.

soft natural feel try organic cotton bedding