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Large Privacy Chair


The work of British designer Benjamin Hubert for netherlands-based contemporary furniture company De Vorm, ‘Pod’ is a large ‘privacy chair’, designed for use in offices, residential projects, and other public spaces. The shell of the chair is one of the largest forms ever produced that utilizes pressed PET felt technology. The material not only engenders a distinctive aesthetic but also offers sound dampening properties, increasing the sensation of privacy. via

ecologically sustainable chair

‘Pod’ is designed to be a private and comfortable but ecologically sustainable alternative to large upholstered furniture. Most upholstery is a fixed combination of timber, glue, foam, and textile, and a result is difficult to recycle. By contrast, the ecological use of recycled PET bottles for the moulded felt form is combined with a stackable design, minimizing the carbon footprint of the chairs in terms of transportation and storage costs.

moulded felt form chair

The chair’s ergonomics allow for the sitter to work comfortable whilst feeling relaxed and separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It almost creates a ‘room within a room’, with the perimeter of the chair encircling the sitter’s head.

pod large privacy chair

large privacy chair