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The poetic figures of Julie Tremblay


Julie Tremblay is a young, talented Canadian artist  who was born in Quebec City in 1972 and currently resides in Copenhagen. Tremblay has found in sculpture her true vocation. Her floating figures raise questions upon space, mortality, body perception, power and sensibility. Under an open dialogue, they possess an intriguing symbolism and transmit an almost mystical sense. Tremblay’s airy sculptures are made out of hundreds of metallic pieces, in a type of artistic recycle. Their transparency and the way they reflect light make them seem to be under a constant movement. They occupy space but at he same time they create it. Transmitting certain loneliness, they give you the impression that they are prisoned in transparent cocoons, waiting with eager to be transformed into butterflies. We came in touch with Tremblay and tried to discover the mystery hidden behind her haunting creations. via

sculptures made out ofhundreds ofmetallic pieces

airy sculptures made out ofhundreds ofmetallic pieces

airy sculptures


metallic pieces sculptures