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Mary Jane’s Fascinating Work


The artist says of her work, “I find it fascinating to explore the way light can be used to focus attention on certain details, or to conceal others. Colours, contours and textures are more clearly defined by the play of light and shadow, and become as symbolic and loaded with meaning as any other element in the work.

mary jane fascinating portrets3

A reoccurring theme in my work is the editing out of environment – to allow for greater focus on the central character and the objects they interact with. For this show I wanted to exaggerate the sense of intimacy and the works are generally smaller and more richly laden with texture, detail and controlled colour. Costume and still life elements such as lamps, flowers, fruits, silks and lace all impart a delicate and transient sensual immediacy.”via

mary jane fascinating portrets5

mary jane fascinating portrets2

mary jane fascinating portrets4

mary jane fascinating portrets1