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Salad Station, being one of the first representative in Turkey of the rapidly growing ‘healthy fast food’ business in western countries, has been designed in a natural and plain fashion with the integration of notable dynamic elements, to suit the company basic principles of providing products in a natural, healthy and fresh manner.

salad station restorant interior

The exposition of the brick wall texture where naturalism and simplicity comes into form, has been aimed at the preservation of the orıginality of the existing building. Sustaining this texture overall, has been achieved by means of using a selection of natural materials. Due to space restrictions, a mezzanine floor has been constructed by exploiting the opportunity provided by the high ceilings, without causing any interference with the original facade. A dynamic mass effect has been provided by means of mezzanine floor being suspended from the ceiling and separated from the side walls. This has also provided a functional opportunity of locating the kitchen space.

saladstation restorant interior

corporate identity saladstation