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Room for one more?


Not everyone has the money to buy, or the space to put, a spare bed in their home but it is never ideal to have to offer your guests the sofa for the night. There are now more options than ever in the shape of space saving guest beds so here is our top five:

space saving guest beds

1. The Guest Bed – a bed within a bed! A great space saver while providing the next best thing to an actual bed, this appears to be a regular bed with a second slightly smaller bed stored neatly underneath out of sight. Perfect for sleepovers.
2. The Inflatable Bed – good for adults or children, an inflatable bed is naturally going to be quite close to the floor so suitable for the more able guest. Choose from single, double or king-size depending on available floor space. Gone are the days of hand and foot pumps. Purchase a super quick self-inflating mattress that does all the hard work for you.
3. The Sofa Bed – known for being a little bit tricky to set up and on the heavy side but would definitely be more suitable if you had elderly guests, as they are not too close to the ground. The sofa bed is ideal for its easiness to convert from sofa to bed and the good thing about these is again, there are ranges of sizes but also styles, so finding one suitable for your living room, child’s bedroom or even the office is easy.
4. The Day Bed – these simple frames appear to be like a decorative bench, perfect for extra seating in the bedroom, office or conservatory. Some come with optional under beds or storage drawers. These are often on sprung wood slats, so no jumping!
5. The Fold Up Bed – for those with extra limited space, this bed can be fully folded up and stored away out of sight until you need to use it again. This does mean the mattresses tend to be slightly thinner but opt for a foam mattress for extra comfort.
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