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How to Determine When You Need a New Mattress


It’s a given that most things will wear out over time and need replacement. Many people however continue to use the particular item much longer than they really should. One of these items would include a coil spring mattress. Many consumers continue to use worn out mattresses many years past their prime. Often this occurs because they simply cannot tell when a mattress is worn out; these results in aching body parts and restless sleep. Don’t find yourself in this pitfall. Replace your coil spring mattress before you suffer these consequences. When looking for a new mattress, opting for a new memory foam mattress is the best option for a good night’s sleep. Check out Very for their range of beds and mattresses.

howto determine when youneed new mattress

There are some signals to be aware of that could be telling you your coil spring mattress is worn out. Some people notice that they sleep better in other beds in their own. This is often a tell-tale sign.
Additionally, if you wake up each morning with pain, stiffness and soreness in your body, this is another clue that you need a new mattress. Some signs of overuse do occur with coil spring mattresses. Lumps might be present within the mattress. Also sagging can happen which is another warning to get rid of the mattress. Another sign is the overall age of the coil spring mattress. If you have had it from five to seven years, it should be replaced. Also, you might just need a more supportive mattress as you age. Another reason to go shopping for a memory foam mattress!
When you’ve made the decision to replace your worn-out coil spring mattress, memory foam mattresses are one of the most supportive kinds on the market. Unlike coil spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses do not put pressure on your body. They actually absorb your weight. As a result, your body is cradled in the utmost comfort which provides you with a quality night’s sleep.  Memory foam detects heat changes in your body and increases the softness where your body is warmest. Memory foam mattresses are also much more durable and last over twice as long as traditional coil spring mattresses.
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