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Product Design by Manfred Kielnhofer


Interlux chair by Manfred Kielnhofer  This unique chair design makes the room more bright and creative, you also will feel no effect from fluorescent light that is in the transparent tube of this chair. so you can change the colors and enjoy a different atmosphere. Manfred Kielnhofer has created a chair this transparent tube. Chair perfect and unique long neon contained in a transparent tube. Preparation of transparent tube with a horizontal, because the neon will change the atmosphere of your home the more funny. The seat is suitable for your space is filled with creative and innovative style. via

interlux chair1

interlux chair2

interlux chair

Light sculptures by Manfred Kielnhofer   Austrian artist and designer Manfred Kielnhofer has produced a new series of sculptures, named Light Guards, that incorporate polyester figures with energy saving light sources.

light sculptures

Water reflection photography by Manfred Kielnhofer  The Austrian photographer Manfred Kielnhofer develops a new sort of act photographs. Therefore he builds a water plate in his studio, where he can take photos of models sitting or lying likely on a mirror. Kielnhofer is working with the camera like a sculptor. With the human body shapes he creates sculptures in the end les universum.

water reflection photography