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Stylish Residential Area in Rome


The project at this residential area in Rome begins and foresees the merger of three apartments spread over 4 different levels and an additional two rooms – an area now used as a laundry – in the basement. It is a house intended for a couple with children and considerable interest in art as well as a rather convivial way of life.via

stylish loft interior

stylish apartment interior

Having worked with progressive subtractions and simplifications, the few materials used give the whole area a most discreet air: massive oak slats, cement and resin for the stairs, resin for the covering of the bathroom walls with stone inserts. There are very few colors, as in this intervention the only colors found are those of the materials: white (the walls have been painted with matt enamels and the same natural and artificial light), the brown-grey of the oak, and grey (the stone kitchen) .

stylish apartment white kitchen

stylish apartment kitchen

stylish apartment living room