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Cylinder candlestick holder by Lewis Mitchell


London based designer Lewis Mitchell is pleased to announce the Cylinder candlestick holder. It is a designed to be a highly functional yet beautiful everyday piece for the home that is robust and will last. Onto its heavyweight base fits a glass tube and continues the silhouette of the cylinder uninterrupted.

cylinder candlestick holder interior

The minimal design ensures its appearance is unobtrusive and allows it to work with a majority of interior environments. The product is available with a satin black anodised aluminium or brushed and polished brass base.

product design candlestick holder

Each base is constructed from a solid piece of aluminium or brass rod, it is then CNC turned and milled to create the candle holder, wax overrun and lip for the glass top. Edges are beveled for comfort of handling. The overrun is deep and stops any excess wax pouring into the gap between the base and the glass. The brass version has a brushed finish to all edges apart from the wax overrun; this is polished to greaten the brightness through reflection. The bottom of the candlestick appears to glow in gold. Tough borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock and its 3.5 mm thickness makes it highly durable. The glass allows the candlestick holder to be used outside, protecting the flame from wind.

cylinder candlestick holder