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[D3] Young Design Talents – imm Cologne


London designer Harry Thaler‘s Pressed Chair is one of two joint winning projects in this year’s [D3] Contest, an international competition for young designers organised by imm cologne. The chair is made from a 2.5mm-thick aluminium sheet with a relief pressed into the surface, which provides structural strength once the legs are bent into place. via

pressed chair by harry thaler

pressed chair harry thaler

French brand Ligne Roset presented this folded mesh chair by French designer Francois Azambourg at imm cologne in Germany last week. Called Grillage, the piece is made by stretching a metal sheet with tiny grooves cut into it, then folding into a seat and attaching to a bent steel frame. via

grillage by francois azambourg

grillage francois azambourg

German designer Thomas Schnur presented this table with suction cups on the legs as part of [D3] Design Talents. Called Rubber Table, each product has five legs and an irregularly shaped top, moulded from dyed foam rubber. via

rubber table thomas schnur

rubber table by thomas schnur