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Iris Pendant Light


The Iris pendant light is an extension of the Iris theme seen in a prior MacMaster design ‘Iris Floor Lamp’. The pendant light is one of three new products successfully launched at 100% Design (London) 2010. The pendant light is handmade to order in MacMaster’s London workshop by business partners Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall. This hands-on approach allows the product finish to be altered according to the clients desire. Currently, MacMaster can produce the light in a broad range of wood veneers, and can apply stains and lacquers to match the desired colour.

trio of pendant lights walnut zebrano sycamore

The ‘Iris’ inspired leaves are elegantly curved at three sets of angles and distanced to produce a perfectly proportioned pendant feature. The ambient light casts pleasing shadows and glows warmly against the sets of leaves giving them definition and character.

iris pendant light

iris pendant light walnut