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A Black Sea Alcove


The Pipe House is a weekend get-away retreat by Butenko Vasiliy and Sergey Mahno located along the Black sea, just at the edge of the Crimean Mountains of the Ukraine. Planned as an oasis for rest and relaxation, the house has been divided into zones by opaque and translucent screens, allowing the user flexibility in shading the sun, creating privacy, and blocking off areas when entertaining guests.  You can see the exposed track guides embedded in the floor as they define the different zones even while the screens remain open.  Within each zoned cavity, there is a single light fixture serving that area- these fixtures collectively create a beautiful rhythm along the ceiling.  The pure, simple white forms morphing out of the ceiling create a soft, liquid like form adorning the structure above.  via

pipe house interior

relaxation house interior

pipe house dining room

pipe house interior bedroom