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Micene by LucidiPevere Design Studio


Micene is a complete collection of items made of alabaster, Murano blown glass and lacquered metal. ” When we were asked to go to Urbino, in the heart of Italy, we were fascinated both of the warehouses full of all different kind of stone and how they can assume different aspects and finishes from time to time. We looked for a new amp with a very material and natural effect, but at the same time, light and bright. We studied for a long time stone cutting and combination processes which can arrive till thin stone film of 1 millimetre of thickness. Finally we chose alabaster for its peculiarity to give out light and for the possibility to cut it thin without breaking it. The more logical shape, whose it draws on, it is just the one of the classical pleated diffuser: light, ornamental and with an excellent property of giving out light.” via

micene alabaster lighting

alabaster light


micene lighting