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Santa Marta Restaurant


The chapel, located in the historical quarter of Mazzè, is part of the religious complex of the parish church built in the 18th century. The project consisted of the restoration of the chapel and its conversion into a restaurant. The ground floor was separate from the chapel above and used for storage. Now it is the main entrance to the restaurant; there is a bar, the kitchen and the toilets. The first floor (the old chapel) has been transformed into the main dining room. An interior gallery overlooks the dining room. This features the original double height vaulted ceiling. The gallery framework is in steel with wood flooring. To conserve the ancient chapel, the gallery is fixed to the old walls at only four points. The dining room can be seen through two openig which give onto small balconies. via

main entrance restaurant

santa marta restaurant decration

interior decorating restaurant

interior santa marta restaurant