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Comfortable Single Beds


Whether you are the only one sleeping in your bed or not, people generally seem to prefer a double bed, just for that extra space. Students, and children living at home, are often left with no choice than sleeping in a single bed. So, whether you are a student or not, make the best of the situation and invest in a comfortable single bed. Click for information for excellent quality beds.  Divan single beds are perfect for a smaller room, because they usually come with storage space. For instance the Jade Star 1000 single bed by Star Premier is a quality divan bed with the option of having two draws for storage under the mattress.

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If you already have the bed frame, then just invest in a good mattress. Nowadays, there is an endless amount of single bed mattresses to choose from, both for small single beds and standard single beds. To begin with; choose a material you prefer. There are memory foam, open coil springs, pocket springs, latex foam, foam and so forth. Also find out if you are allergic to any material before you purchase a mattress. Memory foam mattresses are slightly more expensive than many others. They are in most cases orthopedic, giving you support for both neck and back along with many other benefits. The unique technique of the memory foam is that the body heat shapes the mattress according to your body structure. So if you have trouble sleeping or are a busy student who needs a good night’s sleep; try a mattress with memory foam.  Open coil single mattresses are usually the cheaper option to memory foam. You can still find good quality open coil spring mattresses in medium, medium firm or firm tension depending on your preference. To get more tips on comfortable single beds and single bed mattresses go online a visit the bed store  bedstar.co.uk.