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Black and White Interior Decorating by Jordivayreda Projectteam


With the design of a spectacular central wardrobe Jordivayreda Projectteam united two existing shops to obtain a spatial unity. The study of the strong light intensity leaves them with a bi colour solution: black and white. To reflect the light with a white continuous pavement and controlling the reflection with the intention to illuiminate the space from the floor and that the white wooden lines on the ceiling act as a reflective screen. The wardrobe determines the circulation and the distribution of the products.This wardrobe stretches in  different horizontal directions, and which stretch in the other direction the structure with white lines.The white colour has a  rough finish and the black with mulitpe textures, from textured lacquers , matt, brlliant, or painted  glass, looking for different effects, tones, reflections and depths. via

black white interior

black white interior decorating

jordivayreda projectteam interior