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Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom the Way They Want It


When you were a child you might recall that everything could seem grand and confusing, and everything had rules, ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’. But at least, or hopefully, you had your own room, your territory and your rules. You probably also remember that sometimes you did not feel very safe in your room at night; those ghosts under your bed and in your wardrobe. So have this in mind when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom. Let them be part of the process so they really can feel that it is their room.  Let us start with the more practical things such as furniture. If you are aware of your child’s fear of the monsters under the bed, perhaps get a bed with storage draws under it, meaning that no scary monsters can hide there.

kid’s bedroom

Ask your kid what kind of bed he or she wants. Most kids love bunk-beds, even if they will only use one of the beds, they might have a friend over on a sleepover. But be reasonable of course, if your child wants a racing car bed, there is a chance that she or he might get bored of it sooner than later. Instead, try and put more effort into, for instance, thebedding . Ask your child what their favourite character is and get a set of it. Nowadays you can find kids’ beddings with just about everything pictured on them. Whether it is Barbie, Bob the Builder, Nemo or Minnie Mouse. Or perhaps something from their favourite film: Twilight, High school Musical or Hannah Montana. Usually there are matching curtains available too.

kid’s bedroom decorating

If your kid is a football fan, many of the big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United have their own beddings. So remember to involve your child in decorating their room, to make them feel happy and safe. The online department store very.co.uk offers a large selection of furniture and beddings for kids’ bedrooms.