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Barbarians by the Campana Brothers for Edra


Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have designed a range of furniture for Italian brand Edra, including this storage unit entirely concealed by dangling lengths of raffia. Called Barbarians, the collection was shown in Milan earlier this month and features a sofa, table, pendant light, coffee table and cabinet and shelving unit.

edra furniture design

Becoming kings of peoples, and, as many of today’s academics claim, marking the end of the classical era and the beginning of what we call the modern era. Metaphors aside, edra’s plan is to give a contemporary twist to the theme of natural materials and colours, sharing the same passion and drive, the same “blood” and the same da ring as our Barbarian forefathers. Using colour as a design matrix, on a quest to conquer the centre of the earth, fire and the forests. Like hordes advancing hell for leather, eyes wide open, admitting no hesitation and no turning back.

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