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Successful Living by Diesel and Moroso


Inspired by the beautiful geometric structure of crystals and minerals which Nature creates in amazingly complex yet perfect formations, the Rock Chair combines the power and distinctive look of its sharp edges with the simple, ergonomic functionality of its seat.This design continues the theme seen in the “Rock” lamps presented last year, and maintains their strong, iconic Diesel lifestyle look.

successful living diesel moroso

rock chair diesel

rock chair

By playing with graphics, Diesel creates surfaces that become blank pages on which to write your thoughts or express your inspirations and fantasies. This concept, alongside the possibility of combining two different types of materials, sums up the new collection of tables. An elegant glass top, cut in a curved form or in more regular shapes, sits atop a black metal or chrome structure with a more industrial, practical feel. Meanwhile the feet call to mind the beautiful geometry of electricity pylons, providing the overall structure with a sense of harmony. The glamour of the decorative chains is a distinctive Diesel feature, as are the intriguing crystallised prisms reflected on the surface of the glass.

decorative chains diesel table

graphics diesel table