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Concrete experiences based on abstract concepts


The Beat Bloom Propeller is a go-anywhere coffee table and seating with storage on wheels by Beat Glaesser and Studio Ivanka. A new creation for the different functions of seating, coffee table and storage to be skillfully combined in one piece of furniture, in a daring design. Material as well as form and structure confer a contemporary look. This piece has been given a dynamic shape with the distinct feeling of constant motion. It’s sleek and sinuous sculptural body contrasts marvelously with its surroundings. Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor usage due to its extremely durable fiber reinforced high performance cast concrete material. Its surface shows its best in nature and ages to its advantage.

concrete table

concrete coffee table

beat bloom propeller

coffee table

The Hubler is a creation using concrete – and books with a ‘concrete’ history – in various planimetrical surfaces. The absence of the books, due to their various dimensions, form different shapes of various depths and heights. The result concrete structure will not have a final shape, because, by using it, visitors can change the books or remove them.

concrete structure ivanka

hubler concrete table