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Habitus by Sebastian Jansson


Habitus is a bar stool inspired by the coffee leaf, constructed form geometric shapes. With its sculptural appearance, Habitus gives character to a space and environment, inviting the eye to glance over its anthropomorphic structure. By studying the formation of coffee leafs, Sebastian Jansson was able to re-create the stool through this intricate arrangement of geometric forms, whilst maintaining its aesthetic qualities and comfort.

habitus sebastian jansson

The stool is made from is laser cut 1mm steel, folded and welded. Habitus has been developed and manufactured during Jansson’s time in Milan in 2008-09. It was originally designed to feature in café and coffee shop of Kaffa Roastery based in Helsinki, but is now represented internationally. Jansson has also created the brand identity and communication for this boutique coffee roaster.

geometric form stool

anthropomorphic structure stool

inspired coffee leaf


habitus stool