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Beautiful, Functional Furnishing by Molteni &C


News for 2010. New shapes and new ideas for your homes. Beautiful, functional furnishing for better quality living. Designs that grow like the new 505, even more flexible and open; light, solid architecture that becomes a table like Arc, designed by Foster+Partners; historic collections like Pass, now even better equipped to store and keep your precious objects. And there’s more: wardrobes which become simple, functional systems like GlissQuick, increasingly versatile sofas and bookcases Night&Day and Sequence to furnish your home with simple elegance. Homes which are more essential, more comfortable, more similar to you, more genuine. And even easier to live in. Four different proposals displaying the most contemporary way of home living. Living spaces, dining rooms, home
offices and bedrooms show up in a musical continuum where the individual furniture pieces play the protagonist role during each important moment. A place for friends, for welcoming them around a table or chatting on the sofa. An informal place, for memories, to spend one’s days and nights in. Playing, loving, working and caring. A domestic landscape for imagining the future. AD: Nicola Gallizia Photos: Armando Bertacchi, Tiziano Sartorio.

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simple elegance at home

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individual furniture pieces

bedroom at home

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