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Extractor Hood Onna


Above all a functional piece, Onna’s design has been governed by the functional principles of avant-garde, as alegreindustrialTM is eager to maximise communication between the user and the product which has been created to satisfy the user’s needs. Onna, produced by Nodor, is projected into the cooking area from a wall and is distinctive by its use of superior extraction technology which extracts smoke through the perimeter of the extractor hood, front and side. This method accelerates the extraction process and consequently reduces both motor-usage and noise levels. This efficient perimeter suction of smoke, odours and micro particles of grease, is also the result of a system in which Nodor has used the latest robotic technology in welding and polishing to achieve a perfect finish.

cooking area extractor

robotic technology extractor

The extractor hood Onna, designed by alegreindustrial™ and manufactured by Nodor, had recived the ADCV Silver Award and one iF product design award.