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Modern House in Santander


The main design features of this project are the simple volumetric composition, the large glass panes, the projecting shapes that break the uniformity of the straight lines, its ample interior spaces and predominant materials: glass, wood and concrete. On the façades, a succession of large windows contributes to dissolve the border between interior and exterior spaces. The project unfolds following these conceptual lines by creating a simple yet beautiful volume composition: a lengthwise axis intersects two parallel prisms at different heights; the latter are the key to the volumetric and spatial distribution of the house. The interior has been designed with a great sense of proportion, balance and elegance on its ample, open and functional spaces, defined by the intersections between the different blocks. The use of wood on the flooring gives a warm feeling to the whole house.

interior exterior spaces

via contemporist.com

living room

dining room1

wood on flooring


large windows facades