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Benjamin Hubert’s Lighting Design


Benjamin Hubert’s Design techniques give emphasis on clean lines and his creations meet the modern Design demand for functional objects that can fit perfectly in any space.  He gets his inspiration from nature and that is more than clear in his latest project which is named after the sea stones washed up by the water, the Pebble series.

blown glass floor lamps

His concern about the environment is pointed out in most of his concepts where sustainable material is used and advanced technical methods are adopted; take for example Float for which reused Portuguese cork is used or Gradient project where simple joining details manage to minimize the environmental impact. Nature is present all over, from inspiration to materials.  Ceramic, wood and cork are only some of Hubert’s favorite materials and despite their simplicity the designer manages to bring out their best characteristics giving always a smooth and modern twist.  Hubert’s technique is a non-stop evolving process and that is well defined in every new project.  His heavy desk light, simple and elegant appears to be one of the latest highlights of the Design world.

spun aluminium pendant lights

concrete desk light

concrete pendant lamps