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Pendant Luminaire by Rupert Kopp


Finely grained beechwood and elegant walnut make us think about furniture, flooring and wall panels. Eternit®, on the other hand, reminds us of building slabs or interior design elements familiar from the seventies. What is unusual for both materials, however, is that they are being used for the technically sophisticated housing of a lighting. This is what makes EVIO stand out self-confidently from conventional systems. It acts in a field of tension, with technical precision and a material quality that plays with textures, grains and colour shades. Each lighting is unique. The slimline light element, with its smoothly flowing forms, makes the lighting design truly expressive. Like an elegant evening coat, wood and Eternit® are wrapped around the  light center.

evio lighting

tablecorner lighting

hammerlamp lighting

bigblock lighting

lappland lighting

pony lighting