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Cleanness, Chilly and Laconism in Interior


Cleanness, chilly and laconism became the main aims of the project. The apartment has two levels. It includes a living-room combined with a kitchen and a dining-room, a hall, several bedrooms, a minilibrary. The living-room is divided into two areas: the group formed by two sofas and a coffee-table and the reading area, consisted of plastic chairs and lamps. The living-room is painted in white and black colours. As the apartment is a double-leveled there is a staircase leading to the upper floor, where there are a number of colourful chairs making contrast to the laconic decoration of the lower part of the living-room. The second floor is a private area. There is a library there. It occupies the space of the balcony, where the shelves and chairs were set.

living room kitchen

living room painted white black colours

two levels apartmen

group formed two sofas coffee table

laconic decoration