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Colorful 3D Cut-Outs on the Walls


Berlin-based Graphic Design Collective Amseldrossel created a store to not only satisfy taste buds but also thirst for design!  After finding the ideal location for the shop the owners and Amseldrossel designed a space where the white background like the yogurt would act as the backdrop for the colorful toppings which are represented by the layers of colored shapes on the walls; a rather intelligent metaphorical concept.  The colorful layered shapes were designed and composed by the designers using a CAD program and the CNC-cut out of white Forex plastic.  Finally, the colors were put on the shapes by hand with colored non-reflective foil and the shapes were built into the shop.

layers colored shapes

yoli frozen yougurt

yogurt walls

concept shop

open space plan store

clean fresh setting

via yatzer.com