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New and Beautiful Place


From the first time that you see the Marriage Hall, you will want no other place for your ceremony.The site is in the south of the city of Hiroshima, in the prefecture of the same name. It is a place of abundant natural beauty; the site faces the sea, separated only by a road, and is surrounded on the opposite side by verdant natural forests.The Marriage Hall itself will project an image that is decorative, but the architecture will appear modest when compared with the natural surroundings. In our plans, even the Hall will not outshine the beauty of nature. The Hall will contain everything that might be required elements for a marriage ceremony, including a foyer, chapel, and banquet hall. Thanks to the separate roofs and floor plans, guests will be able to experience for themselves both the interior rooms and the exterior spaces beneath a roof of flowers and greenery, and to appreciate the beautiful surroundings as they move from area to area.







source archdaily.com