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Renovated Home


The resident, a young banking professional, wanted his home to be a place to entertain friends, which was difficult with the existing layout of intertwined, oddly positioned private and public spaces. Hollis left the 1940s exterior intact but “blew up the upstairs to put in a new kitchen upstairs and move the master suite downstairs.” For the furnishings, the resident knew he wanted a modern aesthetic. “He kept presenting very European, minimal-design advertisements to me,” Hollis remembers. “He was born in Japan, his parents are from England, and he was raised in California, but he has a very European sensibility. He knew he wanted something modern but had no idea how to get there.” Click the “Slideshow” button at the top right-hand corner of this post to view more photos of the house and read about how Hollis outfitted his home.







source dwell.com