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Wooden Design Hotel


The work was designed by interior architect Pieta-Linda Auttila. She hopes to spark interest in wood and highlight its role in building and design. The WISA Wooden Design Hotel is an outstanding example of wood’s versatility. Here, wood works both as a load-bearing structure and decor in walls, ceilings and floors. he first thing that catches the eye is the atrium courtyard in the centre. The long curved pine boards half-covering the patio form a trellis that titillates the imagination. The trellis protects against the wind and filters the long rays of the Nordic sun into the courtyard. The charming interplay of light and shade can be observed throughout the day, as the bright morning light gradually turns into the red glow of the Northern midnight sun.

striking wood architecture

load bearing structure

wooden design hotel

walls ceiling

lounging area


atrium courtyard

decor walls